Rapid Build housing developments in Blarney and Kanturk

Aerial photo showing the progress at the Blarney site as of December 2019.


Walsh Design Group are currently working on two ‘rapid build’ residential developments in conjunction with Cumnor Construction Ltd. These are design and build projects comprising of 18 no. dwelling houses in Blarney and 12 no. dwelling houses in Kanturk. 

Walsh Design Group are providing a suite of services which include: roads design; retaining wall design; foul sewer network design; mains water design; pre-connection enquiry applications and connection agreement applications to Irish Water; full construction design and detailing of housing units; PSDP & Design Certifier under BC(A)R.

All of the units are constructed using prefabricated timber frames. This method of construction has resulted in rapid erection of 24 dwelling units thus far, with a view to all 30 dwelling units being erected by February 2020. ‘Off-site construction’ is proving to be a viable option for residential development with popularity on the rise in Ireland and the UK. Some of the advantages of choosing prefabricated timber frame construction include:

  • Efficient use of engineered materials, resulting in low volume of waste
  • Reduced construction time translates into reduced risk exposure
  • Reduced time to weather the structure
  • Factory controlled quality assurance in fabrication
  • Greater air tightness, with air permeability of < 2m3/(hr.m2)




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