Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Walsh Design Group (WDG) actively strive to provide opportunities for growth for its employees. It is proven that continuous learning is fundamental to a happier workplace as it provides personal development and in turn employees will actively engage in their place of employment. One of these opportunities is through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

CPD covers attending a course, seminar and / or presentation by various bodies such as Engineers Ireland, Homebond, The Concrete Society etc. WDG frequently participates in presentations provided by external companies such as building product manufacturers & designers. These presentations provide an opportunity to update the WDG team on the latest industry standards, upcoming changes to the building regulations, construction materials / products available and new construction methods. By participating in these seminars and presentations, it ensures that WDG are up to date at all times with an ever-changing industry.

Participation in these CPD presentations and seminars also facilitates networking with other professionals from the various sectors of the construction industry. This is turn creates opportunities for potential collaboration on future projects.

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